Titled: “Eating along the 2 line: Newkirk Ave. stop is surrounded by flavors from Trinidad, Haiti and Guyana”

Date: April 19, 2015

“They bake pretty French loaves at La Baguette Shop , but the true house specialty is flaky pâté, the Haitian version of savory meat patties. Pronounced "patay," they're the perfect blend of France (thanks to the multilayered, croissant-like crust) and the West Indies, stuffed with either spicy smoked herring, shredded chicken, beef, codfish or a spinach filling created for vegetarians.” - Read the Full Article by clicking Learn More.


Titles: The 5 best spots for Haitian food in Brooklyn, and how to order like a local at each one

Date: May 3, 2016

“La Baguette shop is a Haitian barkery that you’d be visiting strictly for a pate (meat patty), cake, baguette, Haitian bread or pastry. It’s a very small store and simple space. Coffee and tea are also served. There are 5 locations in Brooklyn, so check out their website to find your closest one.” - Read the Full Article by clicking Learn More.


Titles: “Haitian patties--great new bakery on Church Ave”

Date: December 11, 2009

“I always describe the patties at Immaculee like "beef croissants" and the ones at the Church Avenue Bakery were similarly light and puffy but more delicate, the puff pastry was kind of amazing and if it's made in house I am super-impressed. I ate a salt cod one in the store and immediately bought 2 more to bring home.” - Read the Full Article by clicking Learn More.